Technical Writer

Resources Online is looking for a senior-level freelance technical writer who knows what developers and IT professionals need to know—when they need to know it—and who is an expert on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and/or the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework. Does this describe you? If so, let’s talk!

  • You have proven experience transforming subject matter expert (SME) concepts into useful and actionable guidance for devs and IT pros.
  • You can point us to published works or can provide samples that show your focus on customers and your deep technical understanding.
  • You easily move from understanding (or—even better—writing) sample code for developers to explaining the benefits of specific cloud computing scenarios to enterprise-level decision-makers.
  • You understand and can navigate the new solutions and architectures emerging from the mix of established and cutting-edge cloud technologies.
  • You can get hands-on with cloud technology to validate existing technical documentation and other guidance to ensure that readers get accurate descriptions and instructions.

Position description

This project-based role conveys Azure strategy, development, and adoption guidance in multiple content formats, including white papers, architecture pieces, and PowerPoint presentations, among others. Tasks range from writing detailed practical documents dealing with basic deployment and configuration steps, to authoring larger documentation deliverables covering reference architectures or best practices, and may even involve conceptual pieces. Topics will cover PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, and hybrid cloud solutions using a diverse mix of Windows, Linux, and Azure-based networking, compute, and storage technologies.


  • Work with stakeholders and SMEs, such as Azure system architects, to ensure that the documentation meets project requirements.
  • Help the product team identify and fill content gaps.
  • Develop partnerships with client PMs and SMEs.
  • Participate in team meetings, whether by conference call or onsite.
  • Provide regular status reports and meet other reporting needs, as required.


  • Required qualifications
    • Five years of technical writing experience
    • Excellent research and analysis capabilities
    • Proven ability to work independently through the entire process of developing documentation (plan, design, write content, review, and publish)
    • Flexible availability
  • Preferred qualifications
    • Four or more years of IT or dev work
    • Technical expertise in at least one software engineering discipline, such as software design, testing, configuration management, or development
    • Three years of technical solution implementation in a data center or cloud services environment
    • Experience using GitHub and Markdown
  • Your qualifications
    • As you know, there are many possible combinations of skills and experience that could qualify you. We’d love to hear what makes you not only a great technical writer but also the senior-level technical writer we need. Get in touch! You can reach Resources Online at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Send us a résumé and a cover letter and, if your credentials seem like a good fit, we’ll get in touch. (No phone calls, please.)