Our team
A network of RO pros and expert content specialists

Our team includes our experienced Resources Online pros (who have been with RO for 7, 10, 15 years, or more) along with selected partners. Our partners are subject matter experts in specialized areas—people we have worked with for many years and trust as the most highly qualified marketing and learning content pros out there.

In these bios, you'll find a few of our closest partners among our core RO team members.

We have people. Good people. On this page, you'll find a few of them.

Jim Larkin
Founder, CEO
  • Business relationships
  • Learning systems and behavior change
  • Qualitative and quantitative research on technology interventions
  • Writing, video directing/producing

As the founder and CEO of Resources Online, Jim brings decades of in-depth expertise in purposeful content, including learning, behavior change, and perception-shifting. He assembles and supports Resources Online teams and sets standards for exceeding client expectations. Jim has been in technology research since the 1980s, creating and running content companies for over 30 years. He believes in execution, quality, and running a collaborative and supportive place to work.

Jim's deep experience in electronic publishing and in learning and marketing content spans industries, including technology, design, healthcare, and government. He has forged business relationships with electronic publishing and design pioneers, such as Aldus and Adobe, in addition to Microsoft, Amazon, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the American Bar Association. He has also established business relationships with the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Kaiser Permanente, Seismic, DocuSign, University of Washington, King County (WA), the Washington State Department of Commerce, Tacoma/Pierce County Public Health, and many others.

Tycen Hopkins
Principal solution architect
  • LMS, CMS, content data management
  • Website architecture and app development
  • Technical solution consulting
  • Technical communications

At Resources Online, Tycen has architected, built, and maintained hundreds of web properties and applications, learning systems, and content publishing systems. During his 25+ years at the company, he has provided technical systems consultation services and has written deep, customer-facing technical content on cloud technologies and other topics. Tycen is the go-to for clients when Resources Online consults on thorny technical issues or needs a considered analysis among technical options for a learning system or content repository.

As principal solutions architect, Tycen has created solutions on numerous CMS, LMS, and cloud technologies, including Microsoft Azure and Amazon/AWS.

Byron Prather
Partner: Web production
  • Web development
  • Production at enterprise scale
  • Offshore development focus
  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), WordPress, Red Tiger, other platforms

With more than 20 years as a senior web development manager, including 15 years at Microsoft, Byron has managed production at scale for some of Microsoft's largest web properties. His technical knowledge and process expertise benefit Resources Online clients by providing precise, efficient workflows, particularly for large and ongoing maintenance engagements. Byron manages an experienced offshore team, integrating with the local Resources Online team, to provide efficiency at scale as well as close, local planning, development, and management.

Byron has partnered as a client with Resources Online for over 12 years.

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Mark Protus
Partner: Learning and development, content and digital transformation strategies and systems
  • Learning and development strategy and innovation
  • Content and digital transformation strategies and systems
  • Enterprise-level to startup leadership

Mark is a seasoned learning leader with over 20 years of experience in education via digital, remote, and blended learning solutions. His learning and development focus has centered on entrepreneurship and innovation, and he has led large-scale digital transformations and cultural shifts. Mark has also launched numerous learning management platforms and architected engaging content experiences that drive effective results, even in the most complex scenarios.

Mark has contributed to learning success at Microsoft, Fortive, REEF, and DoubleVerify, in roles including director and senior vice president, and has served in an advisory role for the first public online university, Colorado State University Global. Mark has worked with Resources Online as a client and partner for nearly 30 years.

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Hoby Van Hoose
Senior experience designer
  • Experience Design (UX)
  • Usability testing
  • Media creation

With more than 20 years in a variety of design roles, Hoby is highly experienced in crafting business goals and technical best practices into friendly, appealing, and accessible solutions. As a generalist experience designer, he has expertise in related subjects like A/B testing, conversion, SEO, Agile methodologies, product ownership, quality assurance, animation, illustration, and web technologies.

Hoby lead our UX and design for clients including King County, Seismic, REEF, Marchex, and Microsoft.

Rekha Thomas
Partner: Marketing strategy
  • Marketing
  • Strategy and planning
  • Content, messaging, positioning

With more than 20 years of experience as a marketing executive and leader, Rekha helps B2B SaaS companies with strategies, plans, and processes to drive brand and revenue growth. Her areas of expertise include strategy and planning, product positioning and messaging, and content and campaign strategy. She also provides expert thought leadership, drives brand and revenue growth, and builds people-first teams, and she excels in analytics, operationalizing processes for scale, and more.

Rekha has partnered with Resources Online through engagements for over 10 years.

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Barb Roll
Senior information architect
  • Content strategy and architecture
  • Training, documentation, and marketing content
  • Content models, metadata, and taxonomies

Barb's decades of experience—20 years at Microsoft and 10 years at Resources Online—span the breadth of the content lifecycle, from ideation to delivery to maintenance, and include websites, training systems, documentation, publications, and more. Her expertise covers driving requirements for content-related tools, creating content models for content management systems and standards for their use, and developing editorial strategies within and across teams. Barb is also expert at managing large content projects, programming websites, and creating social media assets, in addition to writing, editing, and scripting. She is highly skilled at creating simple or complex content assets for employees, B2C and B2B customers, and public sector employees and citizens.

At Resources Online, Barb has provided content strategy and architecture services for many clients, including King County (WA), Microsoft, Amazon/AWS, Marchex, and others. While at Microsoft, Barb was on the Microsoft editorial board for 17 years and was its chairperson for several. She created the Microsoft editorial standards team and managed development and maintenance of a corporate taxonomy and glossary (including requirements for the tools that support them). She has rewritten the Microsoft Manual of Style, now known as the Microsoft Writing Style Guide, twice, as well as numerous product style guides. She is an award-winning technical author and editor.

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Spencer Sundell
Development Lead
  • Website development & CMS integrations
  • Writing: technical, marketing, documentation
  • Technical project management
  • Accessibility optimization and assessment

With 30 years' development experience (15+ at Resources Online), Spencer offers unusual depth and breadth to our clients. A front-end and middle tier developer, Spencer also has extensive experience writing and editing customer-facing technical content. He is an expert on web accessibility, privacy compliance, user-centric UX, localization and internationalization, enterprise-scale technical production, and technical project management for local and international delivery. His multidisciplinary approach provides critical depth and comprehensiveness for our technical solutions while providing guidance for both our teams and our clients' internal technical teams.

Spencer has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government to nonprofits. At Resources Online, engagements have included Seismic, Microsoft, King County, Video Librarian, AutonomouStuff, and others.

Anna Forse
Project manager
  • Project management
  • Content management
  • Editorial and content creation

Anna has led dozens of projects at Resources Online over her 17+ years with the company, ranging from managing multiple corporate web properties and platform migrations to localization to multiple languages/locales. She has also successfully managed LMS platforms, creative asset production, and definition gathering for productivity applications. She loves working with colleagues at Resources Online to take on challenging work—whether the project is a large multi-year engagement or a specific deliverable for a new client. She has received kudos from many clients for her attention to detail, her responsive, problem-solving attitude, and her dedicated work ethic.

Allison Brucker
Project manager/technical producer
  • Project management
  • Technical writing
  • Web production

Allison has been with Resources Online for over 16 years in several roles, including technical web producer, technical project manager, technical writer, email production specialist, and Excel expert. As a technical utility player, she provides knowledgeable, highly involved management for web and learning engagements. Allison has worked as a technical producer on multiple websites with a wide range of content management systems and publishing systems. She is also fluent with technical project management and development tools, including Monday, GitHub, Trello, Jira, Figma, and more. Her experience covers creating ROI measurement tools and Power BI dashboards, in addition to providing accessibility assurance.

In these roles, Allison has worked on many engagements for Microsoft, Seismic, King County (WA), and other organizations. She has been a project manager for Microsoft and other company websites, managing internal teams of developers, designers, web producers, and translators, while integrating closely with external teams.

Maggie Leonard
Senior technical web producer
  • Enterprise-level web production
  • Content management
  • Website localization
  • Image processing

Maggie offers deep expertise in technical web production for complex enterprise-level sites. With Resources Online for more than 16 years, she has worked with several content management systems and WordPress sites. Maggie has lengthy experience and proficiency in implementing and maintaining multiple localized websites, including sites for numerous Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) locales.

At Resources Online, Maggie has supported extensive Microsoft sites on all platforms and has maintained WordPress-based sites for other clients.

Shannon Wright
Senior copyeditor
  • Copyediting and proofreading
  • Editorial content management
  • Branding verification
  • Quality assurance

Shannon has been part of the Resources Online team for more than 18 years and has almost 30 years of editing and proofreading experience. She works on all types of content—from datasheets and PowerPoint presentations to full websites, e-books, blog posts, white papers, and learning plans. She specializes in making content shine, with particular attention to prescribed style and voice guidelines and branding specifications.

Shannon has been a key member on engagements for Microsoft, Amazon/AWS, DocuSign, King County (WA), Seismic, and more. For Microsoft, she has worked with multiple teams over the years, including Microsoft Learn, Worldwide Learning, the Enterprise Skills Initiative, the Future Skills Initiative, Inside Track (formerly IT Showcase), Microsoft Virtual Academy, Office Accessibility, Microsoft in Government, Engineering Excellence, Microsoft in Education, and many others.

Marc Wilson
Senior editor/writer
  • Writing, developmental editing, quality assurance, proofreading
  • WordPress production
  • Program and release management

Marc has more than 30 years of experience in the tech industry, including 19 years with Resources Online. His expertise includes all stages and levels of editorial work—writing and editing content ranging from technical customer stories, case studies, and documentation to learning content and email campaigns. He excels in creating compelling user stories that communicate complex technical solutions in clear, relatable ways.

Much of Marc's writing and editorial work has been in the service of Microsoft engagements, including blog posts for the AzureCAT team, Engineering Excellence content, and production and release management for Inside Track (formerly IT Showcase). He has also been key to other engagements, such as Seismic (as a WordPress producer), Tableau (as a technical writer), and Marchex (as an editor and UX tester).

Sheila Molnar
Senior technical writer and editor
  • Technical documentation
  • Marketing writing
  • Writing and editing for tech industry events
  • Compliance with Microsoft and AWS editorial style

With over 20 years of experience creating content in the software industry, including white papers, videos, presentation decks, and more, Sheila flexes to take on a wide variety of technical content projects. She has extensive management experience on technical documentation teams at Microsoft and Amazon/AWS. She also has experience with online magazines and has conducted interviews with customers and industry leaders. Sheila's marketing writing includes articles, blog posts, and email campaigns. She excels at writing and editing for industry events and is expert in Microsoft and AWS editorial style.

Sheila has had a long tenure at both Microsoft and Amazon in technical content management roles, including teams creating SDK documentation, IT pro-focused content, and AWS cloud documentation for developers and system administrators.