Microsoft Work

If you’re responsible for a Microsoft web or content property, you know the challenges: worldwide stakeholders, legacy content and systems, accessibility, multiple publishing environments, and adherence to exacting standards for customer service and quality. You also face the challenge of frequent changes in organization structures and platforms, plus the pressure of externally driven deadlines.

Resources Online has been a valued vendor at Microsoft since 1995. As a preferred vendor across multiple categories, we have developed close, ongoing relationships at the corporate level and across many large and small business groups worldwide. We work on customer-facing and internal content properties, and we work closely with MSCOM, CMG, internal best practices groups, and product groups. We are the leading expert in CSP publishing and other major publishing platforms at Microsoft.

Our writers know MSTP and LCA guidelines. With our many years of experience and numerous Microsoft alumni on staff, we know Microsoft inside and out. And we have successfully generated literally thousands of documents over the years.

Whether it’s managing an entire  project, working with your onsite team, or working with other vendors, look to us for:

  • Website design and development—both customer-facing and internal.
  • Mobile and business apps.
  • Content development, including web copy, blogs, white papers, datasheets, and more.
  • Content strategy and content management.

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