Healthcare Work

At its best, complex medical information can be hard to understand. With patients and consumers who speak multiple languages, have varying literacy levels, and come from diverse backgrounds, communicating about healthcare in a clear and straightforward way is anything but simple.

We have the expertise you need to create specialized content  for patients and caregivers—motivational interviews, behavioral change content, and educational information for specific medical conditions—as well as papers, blogs, and articles for healthcare professionals.

Our work in the healthcare industry runs the gamut from building websites for insurers to writing e-books about healthcare IT to creating educational videos for patients.

  • Content for a diverse population. We write to all literacy levels and know how to write for non-native English speakers. We even offer translation services, so you can reach your diverse patient population.
  • Educational and informational content. We make complex patient guidance understandable.
  • Content in all formats. Whether it’s text, video, audio, or graphics, we create and produce it.
  • Healthcare sites and portals. We build websites, portals, and mobile applications to help you engage payers, insurers, and providers, and we present information and marketing content in compelling ways.