Why not show the benefits and features of your product to new and existing customers? Videos increase understanding and boost adoption and retention rates—potentially reducing costs by lowering call center volume.

But e-learning is not just for customers; employees who know what’s expected of them perform better. An e-learning format for internal HR and other business-compliance training lets workers train at their own pace, on their own schedule—and you save on the cost of in-person training.

We are experts at creating effective, professional-quality e-learning resources. We offer end-to-end training and marketing solutions, including:

  • Screen capture training videos
  • Quick reference guides and in-depth user guides
  • Online courses
  • Pre-sales marketing videos

We also offer à la carte services to fill in just where you need us:

  • Training strategy and instructional design
  • Script writing
  • Video production
  • In-house sound booth recording and audio editing
  • Live-action video

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