Internal Conferencing instructional video


Microsoft has a number of internal conferencing technologies. New employees must learn how to set up and run meetings using these internal products, while following established protocols. Although the extent of the information could merit a full-day seminar, Microsoft needed a single, short video that could be used to quickly teach the core skills to employees as part of their onboarding process.


Resources Online developed a three-minute video to provide new employees with the basic instructions they need to set up and run a conference. Drawing from years of experience creating instructional videos, we worked with the client team to define and sharpen message goals. We also wrote a script that distilled complex information into key points that a viewer could digest in a short video. The finished product, which successfully met the project challenge, includes a combination of live action and screen captures, and it presents the information in an instructive and entertaining way.


  • Script writing
  • Video production