Prolitec Website Localization


Prolitec has a global customer base and wanted to extend its existing English website communications into five additional languages. The English site was built in the Umbraco content management system, and the localization strategy needed to work within that system.


Resources Online performed a content inventory to identify pages, content, images, and functionality targeted for localization. A copy of the English language website was made in every target language. Each international website was then exported as an XML package and handed off to SDL, our localization partner. While SDL completed the translation tasks, our Umbraco developers removed hardcoded dependencies on URL structure, removed hardcoded strings contained within forms and pages, and created a new feature to detect the user's browser language and to redirect to the appropriate language. After SDL completed its translation tasks, the XML package was imported back into the site in one step. Native-language speakers in each country completed final review, and we incorporated feedback into the site.


  • Project management
  • Website development
  • Content management
  • Localization management