Microsoft Trade Sharepoint Workflow


The Microsoft Trade Group participates in acquisitions which require the collection of a substantial amount of due diligence and compliance data, along with the management of workflow, to ensure that all regulatory requirements are met. Microsoft had done much of the upfront work to redesign its processes but needed assistance in adapting the process to a SharePoint-based workflow approach, in addition to the workflow implementation.


Resources Online designed a new SharePoint-based webform with more than 100 fields, several dozen workflows and emails, and a number of dashboard views. Hosting such a complex form in a SharePoint environment requires that some of the native SharePoint capabilities be replaced by custom functionality which can scale to many fields. We replaced the native form save process, in addition to the file check-in and checkout process. We also implemented an innovative user interface that made it easier to determine which fields were required at each stage in the workflow, along with which fields had not already been completely answered.


  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Application and form design
  • SharePoint development