Microsoft Dynamics SEO


To improve discoverability and gain share of voice for its products, the Microsoft Dynamics team wanted to increase ranking and organic traffic from search engines for its most important generic phrases.


Resources Online assessed the US website's structure and elements to identify spider barriers and practices outside Google’s guidelines. Then, our SEO specialists conducted keyword research to determine which keywords to target in the page content. The team added SEO-focused text and metadata to Dynamics pages. Geo-targeting and international tags were added to help the correct search results appear to searchers in the proper regions. Outreach and education helped international subsidiaries scale the same SEO best practices and tools to their markets.

The team added Facebook and Twitter social tags to help improve social media conversions and corrected YouTube video close captioning for improved video referral traffic. Lastly, since backlinks are crucial to ranking, we partnered with a team of link builders to increase links from partners and educational institutions.

The results:

  • 12 keywords improved 10+ positions.
  •  7 keywords improved 30+ positions.
  • 5 keywords improved 60+ positions. 
  • 3 keywords improved 70+ positions.
  • 1 keyword improved 90 positions.


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