EB GUIDE website


Elektrobit (EB) needed a new website for the latest version of its EB GUIDE product—software used to develop human machine interfaces (HMIs). The company wanted a modern look with a long-page format, heavy on images with light but compelling web copy.


Resources Online ran discovery sessions with Elektrobit to define the customer journey, target audience, and marketing goals for the new website. Then, the company designed a new EB GUIDE website targeted to the specific audience and designed to cover the customer journey. Built on WordPress, the new site includes 13 pages and can accommodate growth over time. It features pages targeted to key audiences (HMI designers and developers), a "Community" section that can grow to include content, forums, and other user information, and a page for downloading the trial edition of the product. The site has a compelling look with big graphics and light, engaging web copy designed to meet the primary conversion objective: motivating the customer to download and try the software.


  • Project management
  • Marketing business analysis and messaging
  • Information architecture
  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Content management
  • Graphics production
  • Writing
  • Editing