CARE: Computer-based personalized healthcare counseling

CARE is a cloud-based online counselor that helps people change risky behaviors and take real steps towards better health.

Changing behavior, improving healthcare

CARE provides a highly personalized counseling experience that synthesizes a patient's behavior, knowledge, and goals. It provides personalized feedback and relevant skills-building video, and guides patients to creating a plan for making self-motivated changes.

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CARE has been successfully integrated into a variety of health settings, including STD clinics, hospitals, prisons, drug courts, and on-the-street intercepts, and can be generalized to any health risk with a significant behavioral component.

CARE gives patients the comfort of a private counseling session. And it gives clinics, providers, and payers the ability to serve more patients without increasing staff or cost.

Care Video

A CARE deployment typically provides:

  • Disease, depression, domestic violence, and general lifestyle risk assessments
  • Medication compliance assessment
  • Counseling, risk feedback, and skills-building videos
  • Risk reduction planning
  • Consenting and testing workflow


Acceptability and efficacy

CARE has achieved high acceptability and effectiveness among patients among a variety of populations and settings.

Studies showed that 65% of patients prefer using CARE to seeing a human clinician, with greater than 95% usability and acceptability among a general population.

Research has shown that CARE versions deployed in HIV-positive populations have resulted in significantly greater medication compliance, resulting in decreased viral loads and improved behavioral safety practices.

CARE Medication

The CARE platform has been deployed in many sites, including a regional trauma center’s urgent care clinic, community clinics in New York and Washington DC, a prison, a drug court, STD clinics, Planned Parenthood, and public health clinics. Research partners have included the University of Washington, New York University, and Brown University. CARE is currently deployed in approximately 15 locations in the United States and Africa.


The CARE platform

The CARE platform consists of sophisticated authoring tools for creating content to model a patient interaction. The platform also includes an application that delivers the CARE experience in a web browser – over the internet or local network, or on an individual computer.

The CARE authoring tools allow subject matter experts to create highly personalized, nuanced experiences for users. CARE authors can construct complex protocols in a highly visual way, and test them in real time. An entire protocol, or just parts of it, or even an individual item, can be tested from within the authoring environment.

Because it’s cloud-based, CARE offers secure, centralized administration and data management. CARE supports multilingual projects, and longitudinal projects with multiple patient sessions.

A typical CARE experience includes three parts:

Risk assessment

  • A personalized motivational interview covering the patient’s behavior, knowledge, and goals


  • Synthesizes a patient’s behaviors, knowledge, and goals and provides feedback
  • Identifies risky behaviors
  • Provides highly personalized skills-building videos and other media that address the most serious risks


  • Guides step-by-step plan creation
  • Identifies specific, achievable steps that the patient can take to reduce health risks
  • Identifies possible barriers to achieving the plan, and support for overcoming barriers.

In addition to these patient modules, CARE supports clinical workflows, such as test workflow and consenting.


What next?

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