Content is king in search engine optimization tactics
What’s a website without great content? It’s a site that’s of little interest to search engines and thus hard for customers—and potential customers—to find. Great content is critical for making your site discoverable to the world.

Let’s start by defining content. For our purposes, content is text on the page, videos with closed captioning or transcripts, downloadable files, blogs, and forums.

In the rest of this post, I’ll tell you what we mean by great content: content that ranks well in search returns and increases customer traffic. And which content attributes you should prioritize to improve search engine optimization (SEO).

1. Create original content that adds unique value

Original content might seem kind of obvious (like don’t copy someone else’s material), but there’s a nuance here. What I mean by original is writing about your product or offering in a way that it’s never been written about before. Throw away that boilerplate text—don’t repeat a single phrase that you’ve seen before.

Here’s an example of adding unique value that resonated with me. Far too many Facebook postings drive me nuts—but why? I hadn’t been able to figure that out. Then I found Tim Urban’s post, 7 Ways to Be Insufferable on Facebook. An aha moment for me: he beautifully describes annoying Facebook posts in a way I’ve never seen before.  And even though we’re not talking about writing for Facebook, there are lessons here for all of us. Namely, be interesting or helpful. (Talking at length about yourself, your product, or your company is rarely either.)

Be creative. Be innovative. Be completely original. Find that new and compelling context that no one has described before—that’s the unique value.

Got a product? Talk about how someone accomplished something unique and exciting with it. Show really cool things created with it.

Better yet, tell an interesting story that ties into your product in some small way.

Here’s an example. A friend lost his phone in the Clark river. Six weeks later, someone called him to tell him they’d found it—and it still worked, thanks to its waterproof case. Isn’t that more interesting than just talking about the specifications of the waterproof phone case?

And here’s a tip from my favorite SEO pro: Search for content similar to what you’re trying to create—and then create something better.

2. Publish content that others want to link to

If you create content that is original and unique; helpful, informative, or amusing; and clear and clean (free of typos and grammatically correct), authoritative websites or bloggers with an interest in the subject are more likely to link to it. Publishing content that other credible sources link to is one of the most important things you can do to increase your ranking in search results.

When you publish a new piece of content, make sure all those credible sources know about it. Announce it on all of your channels—especially your social media channels—to help get eyes on it and links to it. (And, referring to that earlier note about insufferable posts, make that announcement interesting, helpful—even intriguing. Don’t just say “Hey, I wrote this article. Here’s a link.”)

3. Know your audience and speak their language

Research words and phrases your audience uses for your product and use them in your content. Don’t make assumptions. If you don’t use terms your audience uses when they’re looking for information on your product or offering, your content won’t be returned in their search results. This article provides some good tips on how to do keyword research for SEO.

Just as important is understanding searcher intent: what question are searchers trying to answer? What information are they trying to find?  Search engines are optimized to return searches that match a user’s intent—so that should be your goal in content, too. Here’s some good information on addressing user intent with your content strategy.

Search engines recognize synonyms and word variations, so you can write naturally about your product, using the full variety of terms that may apply, throughout your content.  For example, if you’re selling electronic books, you can write about electronic books, e-books, and digital books—if your audience uses any of these terms to search and your content contains them, there’s a good chance your content will show up in search results.

4. Write for usability to improve SEO

What’s good for usability is good for SEO.

One way to improve content usability is to divide content into sections which are separated by compelling headings that contain relevant keywords. Your audience can more easily scan your content, and search engines will respond to the keywords.

Another usability tip is to put your most important information first: readers may not get to the end of your content, so front-load the critical information. For example, in this post, the most important things you can do to improve SEO are at the beginning. So even if you didn’t get past the first couple of sections, you got the most important information.

5. Keep content fresh

This is especially important for a new site. Search engines favor sites that publish new content regularly—it means you’re paying attention and staying up to date.

Create an editorial calendar that supports serving up relevant content on a consistent basis. And update your home page frequently to keep it topical.

6. Blog regularly

Blogs give you a bit more topic flexibility than your regular website. You can post about things that you wouldn’t cover on your website, giving you a chance to talk to your audience about areas where your product can add value—and to potentially attract a bigger audience.  If you blog, create new posts on a regular basis—fresh content! And remember to be interesting, helpful or both.

In summary, develop original, one-of-a-kind content that others will want to link to, make sure it addresses audience intent, and keep it fresh.

Resources Online can help you plan, create, and publish content that brings visitors to your site—contact us today.

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83 thoughts on “6 ways to improve search engine optimization with great content

  1. Solid advice, its definitely important to keep your blog updated regularly, or the regular visitors you have will quickly get tired!

  2. One of Google’s most important ranking factors is user metrics. Posting and even syndicating engaging content is key! Many of our clients don’t have the time themselves or the resources, so we have a content staff dedicated for that.

  3. One way I like adding value is by making an interactive version of content that already exists. This can be adding figures/images or including relevant embeds from various social media platforms, especially if the embeds let the user zoom in or manipulate the data being displayed.

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  5. A blog without content is next to useless. Content is always the king when it comes to SEO or Digital Marketing. Focus on creating great content, create a good social media traffic and good optimization of the article then positive outcome will follow.

    Great article btw. Thanks!

  6. It is difficult to write good content when you dont enjoy writing. I have a hard time with it especially to make it sound engaging. You have given me a few helpful tips and I hope this helps me engage with my potential clients more easily. Thanks

  7. Search engines all have been clear in pointing to one thing since their beginning and that is “We love Content”. If your content speaks up for your visitors,then your website will definitely get all sorts of SEO benefits of the book.

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  10. Provide the value and they will come. The more traffic you get from great content lets the search engines know that you are relevant for your topic. This helps with rankings.

  11. My thoughts and something we practice is what is good for your business is good for SEO. Bringing any type of value that helps your business will attract customers and stand the SEO test of time. Great content always will be good for SEO.

  12. Some of the SEO websites says that content is not the king on 2017 but I doubt it. Content is one of the best ranking factors in SEO.

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  16. Quality content really IS so important. I can’t tell you the number of blogs I’ve visited that are simply hogwash – you can instantly tell that they’ve used an article spinner program that makes their piece sound nonsensical. I click out of them as fast as I possibly can. One of our main strategies is to employ high quality writers and it has proven to be exceptionally effective and well worth the investment.

  17. I have heard about SEO before but I have never really looked into it that much. This article talks about publishing content that is really good so that others will use your website to link to. This seems like a huge advantage to me when it comes to boosting your search engine results.

  18. I like that you mentioned that quality SEO means publishing content that other credible sources want to link to. It is a good idea to announce it as much as you can in order to generate traffic. I recently started my own website, for fun, and I have been struggling to gain more hits. This is great advice that should help me out quite a bit in my SEO.

  19. I would agree that blog commenting is not dead! I have noticed a ton of traffic to my blog from commenting. We look at our referrals and look at the bounce rates and time on site as an indication of an audience that is interested in our content!

  20. I believe that the most important thing is to create original and unique content that is valuable to the user. When you have content that is valuable to the user, you will gain natural traffic from social signals and decrease bounce rate.

  21. I couldn’t agree more. Having relative content that makes it easy for the user to understand what the web page is about is so important. Without this relative information your site would be of bad quality and no one would want to link to it. I see so many web sites optimized for only SEO but not for the end user. The more relative the information the better ranking chances you have as an SEO and the more appealing you will be to the traffic that comes to your site.

  22. Having content that others want to link to is one of the most natural ways to get back-links naturally. Great content that actually provides value to the reader is key. Give information first about the subject then give the reader your recommended solution by including a link back to the website that it is relevant to the top.

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    • I can’t begin to tell everyone how many amazing and unique experiences I’ve been afforded just by commenting quality posts to blogs.

      Even before I knew the word SEO I’ve been writing. It’s paid back in discipline, vocabulary, copywriting, pretty much almost everything!

      And just by actually contributing and caring about the actual health and dynamic of a form I’ve been offered jobs.

      Now I look at quality blog posting, and blog writing as just another place to network and get links from- some of my best performing links are from blogs!

      Just as a gentle reminder to others, really actually read the article and make that crystal clear. You’d be shocked at the opportunities I’ve gotten just by doing that.

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  46. I think this content was spot on. Much of the seo world works on black hat seo and it tends to backstab people more often. Google is becoming more intricate and being TRULY organic with your content by writing it yourself. Gaming the algorithm is less and less worth it. Make sure to also utilize high authority sites that have high domain authority. Going back to blogging regularly, if one just blogs and does not get traffic or interaction from others, that missing half defeats the purpose of doing the action in the first place. Not to be critical but I think that only blogging regularly is half the battle.

  47. I think this content was spot on. Gaming the algorithm is less and less worth it. Make sure to also utilize high authority sites that have high domain authority. Going back to blogging regularly, if one just blogs and does not get traffic or interaction from others, that missing half defeats the purpose of doing the action in the first place. Not to be critical but I think that only blogging regularly is half the battle.

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  50. I work with a lot of furniture stores and consult with them about content. One tactic that has worked extremely well is posting content that is adding value to their customers instead of just trying to hard sell. Instead of always posting pictures of their store or product, we’ve seen a lot of success with posting content on their website and social medias like “tips for a home make-over” and
    “decorating for holidays or parties”. Hope that provides some ideas for other niches you guys may be in!

  51. I have always said that great content is one of the main keys to getting a website to not only rank, but to convey your message to a visitor that hopefully turns into a call and a sale. Too many people today put up a website with a bunch of pictures and then wonder why their site isn’t working like they thought it would…content, content, content!!!

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